Blogging Haitus

I am not sure Hiatus is the right word, but I like it so I am using it!

You will notice that this my blog has not been touched since the Christmas Period, I still have my Christmas theme (which I will get round to changing) and a Christmas countdown, I even have a bauble picture. Yes, you could call this neglect or you could just call it January!

January is a no go month for me. I don’t like leaving the house, I can’t (even if I wanted too) spend any money and quite frankly I don’t like the dullness of no Christmas lights. So in true style I hibernate to the best of my abilities. Don’t get me wrong I still work and food shop but that is about it! My TV remote is battered due to the amount of use it gets and my cup is tea stained. Am I painting a good picture?

In turn because of this hibernating, I frankly have nothing to talk/blog about so I have abandoned ship (temporarily) until the hibernation period has ended – we are getting close don’t panic.

To ease me back in gently, my next post will be a picture post :) that way we both get something out of it. You – a post, a glimpse of the last 31days and Me – a post, that requires very little thought into how the English Language fits together in what ‘I like to call’ sentences! (Hehe there is a joke there for Miranda Fans – English comedy/sitcom if not, all will be explained soon)

That leaves me with nothing left to say except stayed tuned!

Oh and is anyone else hibernating? Wishing for spring?

Me x