Don’t you just hate this part of a blog?  Your Profile page where people say tell me about you?

I never know what to write!

Am I supposed to be boring and list the things I like to do and say:

Hi my name is Laura, I am 25 years old and I love watching films, reading books (chick flick based), seeing my friends, the occasional glass of wine and/or budweiser and I work in administration soon to be hopefully taking a course in Business. 

or am I supposed to be slightly not that bothered:

Hey L here, check out my blog then you’ll know me a little better, if you like it nice one, if not who cares! 

or should I be this:

Hi it’s Me!  Frankly, I am little on the dizzy side, I think and speak a little to much (hence the blog) and am commonly known for saying some really dizzy things like at 18 I thought Corfu was in England!?  I know now that isn’t correct! 

I am also slightly addicted to Grey’s Anatomy and often wish I was Katherine Heigl!  

Do you feel like you know me any better yet?

I never know what to put!!!

Me x


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