Something Annoying

This morning I heard the most ridiculous thing on the news.  I haven’t ranted for ages about something so stupid but today I felt it was needed.

Do you remember when a Call Of Duty was released and other similar games came out around the same time, I think it was about 12-18 months ago.   The news must have been slow so they started reporting that crime was on the increase because more people were playing these violent games etc etc.  Well today’s report was based around music.

Music has been here before Eminem, Dr. Dre being on the hit list.  Apparently according to ‘people’ if you listen to their music you will become involved in drugs, violence and general wrong doing.  I don’t agree with this.  I am no expert and I do not know why people turn out the way they do but I am pretty sure it isn’t because of a song they listen to … or lets face it young children would be running around thinking they should have portable TV’s on their “tubbies”.

Today’s report though went one step further – people are more likely to get drunk and binge drink because they listen to Katy Perry’s Last Friday Night.  Seriously this was a news report.  Ignore the fact the USA has closed down due to the government and the fact that the UK government are talking more lies and that other events are happening,  lets report on a song that is apparently making people binge drink.

This story annoyed me on two levels.  The first being that I didn’t even know there was an undertone to the song about drinking.  To me the song is about having a good time on a weekend with your friends, laughing, joking and partying after a LONG week at WORK, SCHOOL, COLLEGE or UNI.  You know the time we “let our hair down”.  The second thing that annoyed me is that I like Katy Perry, the girl works hard and whilst this song was about having fun she has written other songs that empower people.  Katy Perry wrote Firework – one of my favourite songs and whilst the lyrics aren’t shakespeare they do connect to everyone on every level no matter how old or young.  This is the feel good anthem.  This is the song that says be different and be proud.  BE WHO YOU WANT TO BE.  So yeah she wrote a song about having a few drinks but that isn’t what she is about and her fans don’t relate to her because of this.

I mean c’mon surely this is a new low.  People binge drinking because alcohol is bloody expensive., so when it’s on offer they buy more, when they get paid they go out and have a good time.  Does everyone NO.  Do people have closer influences like friends, parents, guardians and colleagues that influence them YES.   Is it music that does this NO.

What do you think?  Do you think songs influence us?  I don’t but I guess you got that from this post.

Would love to hear your thoughts.

Rant Over

Me x


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