A Letter to You

Dear Friends,

I am not going to apologise for my lack of writing over the last 9 months as my heart hasn’t truly been with it.  You would have read nonsensical words with no meaning, feeling or understanding – I would have just rambled.  There is a chance you would have found me uninspiring and dare I say it boring.  At time is has felt that all I did/do is work, eat and sleep, but now I think back over the last 9 months and I have actually done quiet a few things and you would have been interested, I know it.

I am back now so there is no longer a need to worry.  I have many ideas and things to talk about which should keep you interested over the coming months.  You will read things and be like ‘oh yeah, we saw that like 6 months ago’ and that’s fine because the chances are I did too.  Now though is the time to remind you of those things and also put them somewhere that can be looked back on in years to come.

I try not to think to far into the future as honestly it scares me.  Its my birthday soon (a month or so) and I will be turning 28, something I am not looking forward to but that’s another blog post all together.  I would like to think though that in 20 or so years, my blog is still here and my children can read my jumbles of words and be like ‘my mum is awesome’ or potentially ‘my mum is weird/what is this weird typing thing’  (because there is a great possibility that in 20 years everything will be voice recognition and children will not no how to type.  Let’s face it in the last 20 years children have forgotten how to put pen to paper and spell).  I digress.

Things you have to look forward to over the coming weeks/months depending on my ability to get away from Jigsaw World – yes I am addicted – is as follows:

  • Running or lack of
  • TV shows/Films/Books
  • My adventures – Lake District x 2
  • My Top Five Cups – all will become clear
  • YouTube Love
  • Special Feature 1985 – in line with my birthday

Amongst other things.  I hope to see you soon.  I really have missed you.  I will write off now so I can get my letter in the post to you tonight (ha if only that was the case – a postbox, what’s one of those?).

Best Wishes

Me x




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